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Glass Timelapse

Shot over 2 months, my assistants and I assemble the stained glass windows for my “Family Interrupted” project. For more info visit familyinterruptedproject.com ,ericokdeh.com,muralarts.org

Hartranft Mural Corps Student Blog #5

This last Hartranft Student blog comes a bit late. There was a lot of video to work on this time around.

The mural is very close to being complete. Here are some images of the wall as it stands right now. We were finally able to reach the very top of the mural with our bucket lift, it was a tight fit, but Jenny, Beverly, and I were able to match the colors spot on. Before this as a class we were able to touch up just about everything, we even installed some glass.

Heres a slideshow of the Tree of Honor wall.

Here are the last two interviews the students conducted. Koran interviews Desiree Bender, my co-instructor, and Colin interviews Keir Johnston the lead assistant muralist for the project.

Hartranft Student Interview #7

On the last day, Desiree and I planned to turn the tables on the students and interview them about their experience this summer. We were all pretty wiped out, as the last day had us touching up and installing glass panels, but we managed to get it done. What you see here is our last few minutes of class. Its a mix of exhaustion, and relief. Ive assembled all 8 interviews into one movie that will be part of a DVD I’ll give to my class.
Hartranft Student Interview #8

…as an extra bonus to the dvd, I put together this slideshow of some of the best photos of the summer, mixed with a time lapse progression of the wall being painted. I feel it captures the spirit of the class this summer.

and finally… This installment of

… shows the class trip everyone took to the
Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, NJ

Hartranft Mural Corps Student Blog #4

Week 5 finds us close to the end of the project. We spent the beginning of the week grouting the glass seed panels, and blocking in most of the main “Tree of Honor” wall. Week 6 is going to be a tough one, we still have to lay out and install the tree trunk completely in glass, install our seeds, and touch up the main and entrance walls. On top of all of that We are trying to squeeze out our final 4 interviews.

Here is a slideshow of the week in photos…
Two more interviews were conducted this week. Drew interviewed Beverly Fisher about her role in the project, and Sakina did our first man on the street interview with George the corner store owner.

Hartranft Student Interview #5

Here is a slideshow combining this and last weeks photos from Khalil.
I want to wrap up this blog with some writing. During this week my class had to write a few paragraphs about their experiences with the project for the funders. Here are the first few papers…


My name is Koran Morris and I have been with Mural Arts for 3 yrs. I have been introduced to this program by my Art teacher at M.L.K. High.

Projects in the past were based on self portraits of stars such as Will Smith, Joe Frazier. This project was nothing of the sort it was the opposite. This one was based on leaves and grass and we had to cut glass. I have come to the realization that this type of art inspires people and from looking at the wall before and looking at it now it’s like looking at the before and after picture of an acne commercial.

Throughout the yrs. of experiencing with this I have come to the realization that this program help us grow inside and out. This program also helps us get along well with others and working like a team. I have also learned that this program also reaches out to people who are in jail and is trying to make a drastic change in there lives. This program is an inspiration and motivation fuel that can fill you up.
My name is Shelby jackson and I found out about the Mural Arts Program through my school art teacher. When I first entered the program I knew a lot about painting but not about murals and other art techniques incorporated. Over the course of time I learned how to map out murals and cut glass. Our instructors Eric Okdeh and Desiree Bender guided us and answered any questions I had.

Our site is Hartranft, an elementary school in North Philadelphia. Although the mural is about honoring those who’ve helped the school its also about bringing color into the lives of the children. Not only do I think the school will enjoy it but the whole neighborhood. It’s actually very rewarding to see people from the neighborhood stop to admire and ask questions about the Mural. I hope to work in the program next summer.
I enjoy working on the project I feel like we are given a positive message to the kids because so many kids ask about it and if they could paint with us, feels like I’m a big brother.

I love painting. I’ve been paint with mural arts for 2 years now and it gets more and more fun. This time it’s a lot different I got to paint on a sky jack’ never been on one of these before this project. It’s lots of fun up there and hot. I now have a tan from being up there, comes from hard work. I just want to thank everyone who made this possible for me and my new friends I’ve met here. -Jalel Bullock

My time at Hartranft has been fun. I’ve learned so many new things with working with the Mural Arts Program. Everyday was a new experience. Starting out we painted and slowly transitioned to glass cutting. Each had its own triumphs and struggles, but were very beneficial in the end. For example, I learned how to cut glass and make mosaics out of it. Never before had I been exposed to glass work, and surprisingly I liked it. I know now that knowing these types of techniques is not only good to know for an aspiring artist but also gives you a heads up on other things in art. I’m glad that I had the chance to get to know other young artist and learn new things. This experience has been amazing. Sometimes I couldn’t believe that we got paid for doing something that was so fun. This experience has given me a new view of art and a broader understanding of how it can be. I’ll always remember all the things that I’ve learned and will appreciate everything that the Mural Arts Program has done for me and the other muralist. I can’t think of any other way that I would have wanted to spend my summer. -Lindsey Jackson

Hartranft Mural Corps Student Blog #3

This week We’re going to start off the blog with 2 interviews we weren’t able to film last week due to the heatwave.
Lindsey and Shelby Jackson, sisters in the Corps class, interview Dr Judith McMonagle (The school Principal) and yours truly.
The questions center around the impact of the mural on the neighborhood and school and my experiences as a teacher, collaborating on murals with students.

Hartranft Student Interview #2

Hartranft Student Interview #3

Click on the thumbnail to view larger photo

During Week 4 we began painting the main “Honor Wall” mural. The logistics of which is tricky as we are only able to have 3 people on the lift at a time. One of those 3 people needed to be myself or my assistant teacher/muralist Desiree Bender. So we recruited our fastest painters and got to work.

Meanwhile the rest of the class soldiered on continuing to cut glass and arrange the mosaic, as well as begin the final touches on the seed wall.

Finally we return to the second installment of

Khalil’s iPhone was down for a few days due to a screwy firmware update. He was back in business by the end of the week capturing everyone at work. Here are his best shots this week…

Click on the thumbnail to view larger photo

This coming week should be a good one. Weather permitting, we will be trying to get most of the Honor wall blocked in. The glass work will be close to finished as well. All in all we are wrapping up this mural right on time. Next week on the blog there will be more video interviews as well as writing from each student about the project thus far.

Hartranft Mural Corps Student Blog #2

Click on the thumbnails to view larger image

Here we are in week 3.
The students spent most of this past week getting acquainted with the glass cutting tools and handling mosaic patterns.

Some elected to do some of the touch up painting on the ground level wall

The main mural wall was put on hold these past few weeks due to wires that needed to be wrapped. Our scissor lift comes within a foot of these wires and we had to wait on PECO. They finally arrived on Monday, and now we are able to proceed with the Tree of Honor wall!

My class kicked off a series of interviews this week. Time was spent writing a set of good open ended questions for each subject of the interview. Unfortunately the heatwave cut our week short and we were unable to film 2 more interviews we had planned. Here is the only one we were able to film this week… the remainder will appear in next weeks blog.

Hartranft Student Interview #1

and finally…

Khalil has always kept his day to day activities well documented through his iPhone. Since he has started on this mural he’s taken dozens of photos of our work almost every day. We are all secretly jealous  of how hip and tech savvy he is. Here are some of his best photos…

Click on the thumbnail to view the larger image.

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