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ericokdeh.com 2.0

I spent the last few months of the year doing something I haven’t done in well over 2 years. UPDATE THE MAIN PAGE! Actually I did more than just update. I decided to go ahead and redo the whole thing. Having the old site for 3 or so years, I’ve had a wishlist of things that I wanted to see implemented into the page. I decided that the best way to do it, was to learn more about flash and figure it out on my own.

Much of November and December was spent with me working in Flash, and figuring my way out through all of the things that I wanted.

I trimmed a lot of the fat from the last site, sections that wouldn’t see regular updates. I refocused everything into 3 main categories, “murals”, “glass”, and “video”.

Each of the color glass fragments with a photo on top will take you to a slideshow of captioned images of different Mural and Glass projects.

The slideshows took up the most time.

For the video section I have larger and better quality clips.

The subcategories across the top feature usual info about me such as my resume, bio and contact (drop a line, feedback welcome). Then I added a few new sections, “news”, “tour” and “interact”.

The “news” link brings you a popup with a real time blog headline feed. Whenever I update my blog, it updates. It also features a slideshow that automatically updates itself whenever I upload a photo to flickr.

The “tour” link takes you to information on how to see a virtual tour of my murals on Google Earth. A tour thats gotten more interesting now that I have some work in Sevilla, Spain.

The “Interact” tab takes you to a series of flash based pages that break down some of my murals into painstaking detail image by image, piece by piece.

I’m happy to see the site through to the end, and I feel that I won’t be slacking on the updates with this one as much. If you have checked out my old site, I’ve basically added over 12 new slideshows of my work from 2010, 2009, and 2008.

Check it out! And be sure to view everything in fullscreen mode.

WordPress + ericokdeh.com=More Gooder!

I am spending the winter completely redesigning my main site and blog. Everything is changing from the ground up and I have a lot of things that I need to post. Most importantly, I need to post images and video of my recent mural project in Seville, Spain.

Before I get to all of that, I need to get the important stuff out of the way. The new blog link is http://blog.ericokdeh.com. All of my site links now point to this url, so if you have a bookmark, Please update it.

Here is the new feed as well


I promise this is the last move this blog will make. The first time it was out of my hands, Blogger forced me to do it. This time, I decided to use WordPress and migrate everything there. WordPress has a cleaner interface, with more options for me as an Admin, and an excellent smartphone app, so I will be able to make complex on the spot updates without having to go back and reformat the posts. Working on the Mural Corps blog last summer really opened me up to WordPress as an alternative, now I finally have some time to implement it.

I am looking for a few people to help me beta test my new site, I am almost finished the main interface in flash and I’m looking to iron out some of the kinks. If you are interested, float me an email

View My Murals on Google Earth!

I just finished uploading and tagging photographs of my murals to be seen on Google Earth. 

You can now take a virtual tour of my work across the city of Philadelphia!

Click to Download Google Earth

Once google earth is installed, down load this file, then doubleclick on it.
  Eric Okdeh’s Mural Tour

Once you are in, you can navigate through the tour in the “Places” panel on the left side of the window. The sites are organized from my latest projects to my earliest, way back in 1999. 


I spent all weekend keeping the main page up to date. Ive posted 7 new items to the Public Art, Youth Involvement, Video, and Tile sections of the site. 

They will describe in detail the murals that I’ve worked on since the beginning of the year, and recently wrapped up. 

They include

Lindley Ave & Hutchinson St, Phila

41st & Market Sts
There is a final update on the Time Lapse Video of this project as well.

Tree of Honor: Hartranft Project (Student Mural)
7th & Cumberland


Going Live!

Finally! After nine months of planning, design, revisiting old projects, and compiling massive amounts of images and video, my website is here. For those of you who have been my testing guinea pigs throughout this process, if anything on the site seems out of sort, empty your cache.

To all of you visiting the site for the first time, each of the six catergories that appear to the left chronicle my work in various formats for the past 10 years. I will be updating these categories often, as I am always in the thick of multiple mural projects and related work. Currently I am working on 5 seperate projects at once, and by the end of November I will have 3 more major murals under my belt. Check back often! This section of the site will serve as a blog of sorts, it will also be periodically updated with info for various shows, happenings, and events.

Special Thanks go out to Candice Lucente who helped steer me in the right direction with regards to web-hosting. 
Extra Special Thanks to Jimmi Heiserman, the man behind the flash. Jimmi took my design and all of my ideas, and made the whole thing possible. More importantly, he made it a cinch to update. I couldnt be happier with the site; its better than i ever imagined. I hired Jimmi just in time, as he will soon no doubt be a billionaire, and have no desire to associate with “little people” such as myself. 
Jimmi is already a legend in the internet world for creating the ultimate addictive online flash game: Quadradius. 
 Click the logo to play, and watch how easily the hours pass, as you try to outsmart and crush opponents from every corner of the globe. Think checkers with superpowers, Battle Checkers if you will. Become a member today, you won’t regret it. 

Here are some screenshots of the Quadradius Arena… 

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