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My Work in 2008

Here is a slide show of all my 2008 work. I could have spent hours uploading the thousands of pics I’ve taken during these projects… so I decided to leave out progress shots and workshop photos. They can be viewed on the main page. Instead, here are the final shots and details of my work last year.

To see the slide show you might need a flash plug-in, which can be downloaded here.

…more press on Elwyn

The Channel 6 segment that was filmed on monday should be airing tonight. After I was interviewed, the reporter talked to 3 different people who helped work on the mural. Some are staff and some are members.

Here is a link to the video

In addition I was just interviewed by WHYY’s Maiken Scott for a segment on the mural that they will air tomorrow morning, just in time for the dedication (which, by the way, starts at 11am at 41st and Market Sts). This ceremony should be the biggest one I’ve had to date.

A link to the WHYY interview is here, its very short

Here are a few more photos of the wall.

Transformation Dedication and Press

There will be a large dedication celebrating the completion
of my “Transformation” mural this Friday September 12th at 11am.

The ceremony will be held at 41st and Market Sts. It promises to be a huge event, staff and members all 6 organizations that participated in the project will be in attendance. Come and be a part of the ceremony as well!

here is the official invite

in addition the mural has gotten some press in anticipation of this event.
Tomorrow, I will be doing a short interview with channel 6 news, Im not sure when it will air, as of yet

Here are a few write-ups the mural has received, click on the links below to view the scans in PDF format

Delaware County Daily Times Article

University City Review Article

Elwyn Video update

Updated video of the Behavioral Health Mural’s progress on the main page’s video section. 

Check it!

New Time Lapse Video

The newest “Time Lapse” video is up! Its the very first update for my Behavioral Health Project at the Elwyn Institute. Check it out on the video section of the main page.

53 feet in the Air!

Heres a few shots of Dave and I with the lift fully extended on Market St. 

For the record, the highest I’ve been on a building was around 70-80 ft. This one reaches 53 feet high. 

This is the Elwyn Mural that I mentioned in my last post. 
Here’s a design, and a shot of it superimposed on the building. It turns the corner and spans both walls. 

 There is a lot to talk about concerning this project, its imagery and symbolism, and the people who inspired, and helped work on it. I worked with a lot of people and organizations to make this wall happen, but thats a story for later.  The mural, when you get right down to it, is about overcoming the stigma of mental illness. 

more to come…
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